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Food is the best medicine. Well, that’s all made up, but don’t you think it makes sense? Every food has that particular nutrient that helps a great deal in keeping your health in check. That’s why you should explore all food types (only if you aren’t vegan) to benefit greatly.

As ordinary as it looks, a banana is one fantastic fruit that is fully packed with what your body needs for survival. Diseases will always come, but what matters is how strong your immunity is. That’s where the precious banana fruit pops in.

But why banana?

A combination of Vitamins C, B6, and a little protein form a perfect immune booster that your system needs to fight off infections. The good news is that just from one fruit, you can have both the Vitamins C and B6, with other nutrients, of course.

Unlike those nutritious fruits that taste yucky, banana graces your plate with both nutrients and yumminess. And so, do you have any reason to take a rain check on a glass of banana smoothie? Absolutely not. We are building our immune systems together. So, shall we get started?

Amazing Diet Plan with Banana

There are several ways of ingesting bananas, depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, you may want to combine banana and milk for your post-workout drink. But if all you need are the banana nutrients, you should simply add it into your regular meal to make a balanced diet.

Think about slices of banana, some rice, and chicken breast on one plate. How does that sound? Perfect, right? But if you’re vegan, you can replace chicken breast with legumes to make an excellent vegan diet plan. The bottom line is to get bananas in your stomach while harvesting other nutrients from your balanced diet.

Types of Healthy Banana Shakes to Boost Immunity

You already know that vitamins B6 and C are magnificent immune boosters, and they are both present in bananas. So, the only question is, how do you consume your banana? Shakes never go wrong when it comes to taking fruits and vegetables.

Check out some impressive suggestions for banana shakes.

Orange, Banana, and Milk

As a good source of Vitamin C, orange goes well with a banana in an immune booster shake. It’s one of the vitamin C foods that offer great taste. Adding milk will provide a liquid base, let alone the excellent health benefits. For vegans, it won’t hurt to use water in place of milk. Alternatively, plant milk can work just fine.

Pumpkin and Banana

Talk of colors; pumpkin and banana are a great combo that gives you a nice color and perfect taste. Pumpkin has Vitamins A, C, and E, which form a fantastic starter pack for improving your immunity. Don’t forget the Vitamin B6 and some additional Vitamin C from the banana. One more thing, vegans can also comfortably make this at home without feeling guilty.

Avocado, Pineapple, and Banana

If you want your smoothie a little thicker, then avocado will get the work done. Pineapple will add some yummy taste and unleash the real magic. On a hot summer afternoon, be sure to add ice cubes to adjust the temperature.

Pineapple is a good source of Vitamin B6. In addition, the mighty avocado has a whooping Vitamins A, C, E, and B6, all of which are foot soldiers for boosting your immunity. If you combine the three fruits in a glass, don’t even ask the benefits you will gain.

Get That Banana!

Apart from boosting immunity, bananas are low in calories. This means you can comfortably eat a banana for weight loss. But since it has low protein levels, you may want to combine it with high protein foods for compensation. Besides, you might want to make a smoothie of banana and whey protein. It’s one of the best combinations you can ever have for your workouts. All in all, banana remains one of the most incredible immune boosters ever. So, go get that banana!

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