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In the past few months, the whole world has been put to its knees by the deadly COVID-19. The pandemic has brought about several precautionary measures, including lockdowns, remote jobs, and most people have been afraid to take part in any group activities.

Such restrictions have necessitated the need for home-based activities. This is where health and fitness stocks come in. During this time, many people have begun exercising and taking their fitness very seriously, thus increasing the demand for home workouts.

Some fitness companies have seen their stock prices skyrocket by significant margins. In this post, we will discuss health and fitness technologies, including wearable devices that will be on an uprise soon. We will also list some of the home workout equipment, which you may find beneficial to own. So let’s get started

1. Peloton Interactive (PTON)

PTON tops this list because of their increasing demand at this time. It is important to note that PTON already had an existing growth line in terms of home fitness equipment purchases. Today, PTON has an advantage because most of its subscribers are forced to work out from home leading to an increasing number of subscribers and customers.

Many previous PTON users have always expressed their satisfaction with the company’s products such as the Peloton Bike. It will, therefore, not come as a surprise when PTON maintains its consumer base far after the Coronavirus pandemic ends.

2. Fitbit (FIT)

FIT has experienced a dwindling stock price in less than a year. The stock market currently has experienced volatility due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and the situation has been a blessing in disguise for the wearable device company. FIT has continued to trade sideways in the volatile stock market. However, a sideways trade is better than a downward stock which most companies have experienced with their stock prices falling by25% or 50%.

There is, however, good news in the horizon for FIT. The stock price of the company is predicted to grow with the masses now turning to their wearable devices for health and lifestyle monitoring instead of relying on gym trainers.

3. WW International

WW International is a weight-loss giant in the health and wellness industry. Celebrities such as Oprah have endorsed it, and many people seem to be getting increasingly interested in the company’s products as the pandemic continues.

WW International offers weight loss coaching sessions and programs. The demand for the two has been soaring in the past few months. In the first quarter of the year, WW International reported 46.2 million weekly digital subscriptions representing an 18% growth and a record-breaking $400 million.

The company is liquid enough to sail through the pandemic safely so, if you are looking for a safe investment during these uncertain times, then WW International is your safest bet.

4. Nike

Nike is among the best-performing stocks in health and fitness today. The company’s stock may have fallen during the crash, but if the recent statistics are anything to go by, it seems Nike is doing exceptionally well and headed for an all-time high in the foreseeable future.

Nike has grown so much due to its impressive online presence which allows it to take its competition’s consumer base. With the current conditions, many people are unwilling to leave their homes to go shopping, and for any shoe fan, their best option is to sit at home and get their shoes delivered.

Nike has provided its consumers with precisely that, and many people are slowly getting on board which will eventually result in significant revenue increases for Nike in many years to come.

5. Under Armour

Under Armour has been among the best fitness stock to buy of all time alongside Nike. However, the loss of professional sporting events has led to a significant decline in its sales, thus creating a dip in its stock prices.

Under Armour is known for using highly recognized athletes such as basketball players to put itself high up into the stock market. However, the restrictions on sporting events have seen Under Armour make some wrong moves and lose a considerable amount of money in the recent past.

This is not entirely bad news. Under Armour has proven, in the past, that it can hold down a reasonable and steady stock price and its dip in stock prices is understandable due to the pandemic.

To Sum It Up

If you’ve been toying around with the idea of investing in health and fitness, now may be a good time to do so. Fitness stocks are at an all-time high with the increasing demand for at-home fitness services.

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